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Hidden River Outfitters is a family owned Philadelphia business. We are passionate about getting outside to play, exercise and relax and believe that the water features in and around Philadelphia are prime for kayaking and touring.  Connecting people with the river provides opportunities to get away from the noise and bussle of city life.  We use high quality equipment, exceptional, enthusiastic instructors and guarantee a unique experience. Whether the intrigue of kayaking for you lies in perfecting a skill, taking extended trips or just finding some quiet time on the water, we will take you there.

Jason Mifflin

Jason has owned and operated Hidden River Outfitters since June, 2010. From homemade rafts to sea kayaks, Jason loves to be on the water in anything that floats. He spent much of his life paddling a canoe until he discovered kayaking about fourteen years ago. He appreciates both whitewater and flatwater kayaking for their respective exhilarating and relaxing qualities. Jason enjoys sharing his passion of being outdoors with others and reconnecting people with the rivers they often appreciate but never experience. Jason loves to get folks out on the water, regardless of their experience and expose them to paddling. Also, as a native of Philadelphia, he enjoys recounting the history and function of many of the areas that we encounter on our tours.

Kara Bailey Mifflin

As co-owner, Kara leads and assists on featured kayak tours and supports the business operations of Hidden River Outfitters.  As a mental health professional by trade, Kara loves assisting individuals in finding their balance and stride in a natural setting.   She believes that the power of water fosters connections inside and out with surprising ripple effects throughout life.  Time spent exploring on the water is the perfect accompaniment to any endeavor that enhances a rich emotional, personal and spiritual sense of well-being.  She is grateful for the opportunity to provide experiences that offer so much.

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