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About HRO

Hidden River Outfitters, a family-owned Philadelphia business, offers exceptional kayaking experiences amidst the city's scenic waterways. Our high-quality equipment, enthusiastic instructors, and commitment to excellence guarantee unforgettable adventures, providing a peaceful escape from urban life.

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Jason Mifflin

Jason, owner of Hidden River Outfitters since June 2010, has a deep passion for all things water-related, from homemade rafts to sea kayaks. With over fourteen years of kayaking experience, he adores both the exhilaration of whitewater and the serenity of flatwater paddling. Jason delights in sharing his love for the outdoors by reconnecting people with Philadelphia's rivers, regardless of their experience level, and enjoys narrating the historical significance of the areas encountered during tours.

Kara Bailey

Kara, co-owner of Hidden River Outfitters, leads kayak tours and oversees business operations. With a background in mental health, she finds joy in helping individuals discover balance in natural settings, believing in the transformative power of water. Kara is grateful for the chance to provide enriching experiences that nurture emotional, personal, and spiritual well-being.


Morgan Mifflin

Morgan, head of social media and marketing has been working with Hidden River Outfitters from a young age, assisting to guide tours and connect people with Philadelphia's most tranquil water ways. A Philadelphia native, Morgan attended Temple University and spent the past three years studying abroad all over Europe!

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